Mr Easy Lyrics

Rain Again Lyrics

Mi haffi stop school my momma wasnt working
And my daddy passed on
I got my first tool when I was thirteen
an mi a run the place warm
Then I got older and found myself a wife
Struggling daily to have a better life
Now I am riding for a fall
With my back against the wall
All when mi hungry mi try stand tall
Anytime mi hear mi pickney dem bawl
Mi brethren

Gunshot start rain again
I dont wanna be a memory
But I see no better solution
Man an man a get while again
Society nuh know what to do
This is the sign of a revolution

Like wondering sheep with very few choices
Thats how it is in the slum
Constant abuse by negative voices
Treated like a scum
Hopeless and desperate they also getting cold
Anger and hatred is starting to unfold
Now that crime is at your door
Its not a ghetto thing no more
Now you have to share their pain
There's nobody you can blame
Cause a unnuh mek


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