Red Rat Lyrics

Dwayne Lyrics

Lord mi say, if unno think say Shelley Ann a did scandal
Yuh nuh hear nutten yet
Dis yah a bout Dwayne
An him an Shelley Ann is not the same


Mi woulda shame
Mi an yuh a fren but trust mi Dwayne
Yuh caan have a girl an every night she complain
Mi bex inno, caw yuh a gi man bad name (oh no)

1. Yuh girl tell mi say, yuh caan even spen 5 minutes
She tell mi say, she fed up caw yuh wutliss
An she tell mi say a hol heap a time yuh flop
An yuh find excuse bout muscle contract
She tell mi say yuh weak an related to sleep
An when she waan dweet yuh a fight off di sheet
Marathon fi run, she get hot like the sun
An ready fi have fun, but yuh pop off an dun
Oh no !

2. She tell mi one night when di rain did a fall
Di wickedest time when nature start call
She waan yuh fi come tear dung har wall
Yuh say yuh couldnt come caw yuh a watch football
She all tell mi bout Valentines weekend
When yuh tek har to Drive-In wid yuh three fren
She embarass till she couldnt tell Gwen
How she spen Valentines wid you an 3 wise men
Ohh no !
Unno listen now nuh
Now she tell mi dat tings a get worst
She say yuh dead like body inna hearse
All yuh good fa a fi dress up like nurse
An she caan tek it nuh more, it hurt

3. Mi hear say man say dat, Guiness put it back
Mek yuh caan stop, tougher than rock
Irish Moss linseed sour sop
Den yuh wouldnt flop, yuh girl wouldnt chat
An yuh wouldnt haffi hear dis from Red Rat
Ohh no ! Dis is serious

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