Hawkeye Lyrics

Tranquil Lyrics

Some fool see man outta road from weh day an` a disrespect
Mind you haffi gety two outta mi Intratech
Bad man slang...

Well a who tell you fi guh ***k wid me tranquil yah now?
Well like how we buck, y`a guh see seh me nuh gyow
Yuh gyal yuh fi guh suck,
--Me business you fi `low
Caa bad man nuh fraida nuh guy
An` we nuh bow.

Caa bad man nuh mix up dem name inna fart
Nuff time me have it an me well waan pop off
Nuffa deem feel seh dem have bad man soff
Bad man nuh love man so bwoy kiss yuh r*s
Tink you know full an doan even know di half
Approach man wrong bout "yow, gimme a talk!"
Mi seh "w`happen now?"
Bwoy wrench an get dark
Mi ha fi ease back an tell `im bout `im bumbo claat.

AWho dem all a try intimidate wid gun
Dem haffi borrow car: fi demself dem nah`ve none
Look how me couldda get yuh face spanz off an maass
But through mi nuh informer mi nah tell di boss.
Dem respec me now an neva rate me wha day
Through me start show de fassy dem how me stay
Some bwoy a bad man de worl have it a play
An we done have de bwoy ah mix mortar an clay.

Dis bwoy a see man outta road an come dis (-dis)
Pity im nuh know man a ol Jungle-ist (-ist)
Bad man nuh trace, an we nuh fight wid fist(-ist)
(What do you think you are running from?)
Nuff tings ah gwaan
Ah bet you hear an you nuh see
Wha happen to punk when dem dis man a Tivoli
How bwoy get dus wha day
Whoffa tool do it?
No fi me?No fi me?