Chris Rice Lyrics

Big Enough Lyrics

None of us knows and this makes it a mystery

If life is a comedy, then why all the tragedy?

Three and a half pounds of brain try to figure out

What this world is all about

And is there an eternity Is there an eternity?

God if You're there I wish You'd show me

And God if You care then I need You to know me

I hope You don't mind me asking the questions

But I figure You're big enough

I figure You're big enough

Lying on pillows we're haunted and half-awake

Does anyone hear us pray "If I die before I wake?"

Then the morning comes and the mirror's another place

Where we wrestle face-to-face

With the image of deity

The image of deity


When I imagine the size of the Universe

And I wonder what's out past the edges

Then I discover inside me a space as big

And believe that I'm meant to be filled up

With more than just questions