Chris Rice Lyrics

Smellin’ Coffee Lyrics

Last thing I remember, sayin’ bye to yesterday

Glad to see it over, pullin’ covers over my head

But what were You doin’ while I dreamt the night away

‘Cause I can tell that somethin’s different

And my eyes ain’t even open yet

I’m smellin’ coffee

Birds are singin’ just outside

Here come Your mercy streamin’ in with the morning light

My heart is racing waking up to Your smile

It’s a good morning, yeah

It’s a good morning

Well I remember readin’

You’re the God who never sleeps

And while I’ve been dreamin’

You’ve been singing over me, yeah

Singin’ about my freedom

Wakin’ me up to hear Your song

And now I can’t dance hard enough

‘Cause yesterday is gone, gone, gone!


Every little breath, every heartbeat

Is a gift of love that You give to me

You keep givin’ when I’m asleep

‘Cause I know You never stop watchin’ over me

I wake up, my past is gone

‘Cause Your mercy’s new with the morning sun

I’m forgiven, I’m free, it’s a brand new day

‘Cause Your faithfulness is the greatest!

Repeat chorus