PFR Lyrics

Merry Go Round Lyrics

Didn't I just see your face
Last time that I was here
Eeren't you standing in that place
Was it you or me that disappeared
Did you tell me about your problem
Did I offer a solution
Maybe I could help you out
In the coming revolution

But I don't understand
When I reach for your hand
Why I can't hold it long
But you're hurting inside
So I'll get off this ride
Cause I don't want to be
Just another horse on the merry go round
I'm starting to see another course
Well it's time I got down

Didn't know when I bought this ticket
To ride life's carousel
That I would be more than a minute
Gone away from the One I love so well
I was drawn to the main attraction
Mesmerized by it's appeal
Now it's all become distraction
how can I return to what is real

Still I don't understand....
And it's time I got down
Time I got down
Time I got down