Tom Cochrane Lyrics

I Wish That (I Could See You Now) Lyrics

I wish that I had said things
That I had wanted
Or at least removed the falsehood
Of my pride
But you stood so free and innocent
That i could not face you
Oh, I wish that I
Could see you now

The morning comes as a shroud
Of grey wisdom
And nothing looks the same
As the night before
Still your visions fall before me
Like stone faces
Oh, I with that I
Could see you now

I watch from my window through
The darkness and the rain
The silence cuts me because i'm
Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely
Babe I'm lonely
Oh, I wish that I
Could see you now

I must have looked funny just a
Standing there honey, when you
Turned me outside
Couldn't you see that it
Wasn't just me, it was my
Pride I was trying to hide