Eightball & MJG Lyrics

Jankie Lyrics

(Word Up)

You might not know it but you
You gotta say it baby
The company you keep
It change daily baby
How did you get the Mercedes and the Escalade lately
How come its been trouble in the places you stayed lately
The black cat affair
A broken mirror
Two steps up under the ladder would bring me near her
To good luck that fucking with you
You make the sun rain
The same moment you left
Thats when the fun came

Always bumping like a bad lady ho quit that
Straight up ask a nigga to pay when he wanna hit that
Always wanna drank my Hennessey
And smoke weed
Take you out to see a movie
Hoe please
If i ain't got to get a room i don't get one
I could hit you in the car and it'll be just as fun
There's six lil letters that describe you hoe
I could sing it much better baby this is how it goes

Chorus: Repeat 2x
The J the A the N the K the I the E
What that spell
Jankie (word up)
Bitch why you so jankie (word up)

Wussup sneaky nigga
How come you running yo mouth
And talking about bout some shit that really you don't even know bout
The way i see it you a slick instigata
You thank you low key but you steamin like hot potatoe
In the middle of the fuckin day in Jamaica
Chocolate strawberry or vanilla couldn't shake a
Jankie ass nigga like you
You built with fly paper
Leave shit around you and its gone good-bye later

Always got your hand stuck out askin for shit
Instead of working you be begging trying to get rich quick
Faking acting like u interested just 2 hang around
Tell a nigga u a part of this and know u ain't down
U lying trying 2 hang tryin 2 pull u some hoes
Tellin them about the famous niggas that u know
U worst than the bitch u need 2 slow down dog
For niggas like you me and G made this song

Chrous (2x)

When you was six years old you was hit
Everytime they played the damn game and shit

Wanna hang so everybody know your name and shit
U's a jankie mothafucka if I seen one trick

I seen one to
When lookin at you
You fit the definition
The height the body size yep the full description

Please nigga get you head on straight and stop trippin
Gotta brag and stunt for you to get a little attention

Plus I mention you know you be frequently big cappin
And anything that a bitch want you give rapid

Thats why hoes beg and broke and ain't shit
Gotta lay up under niggas and cook and suck dick

Not clean for a nigga and fix my truck bitch
But everythang that you do still ain't enough shit

This for niggas and hoes
This for all of those
If you know somebody jankie this how the song goes

Chorus (5x)