Eightball & MJG Lyrics

Space Age Pimpin Lyrics


I want you
I got to have you
But what will this lead to?
Will it just be me and you?
Tell me.... you know I want you
Tell me how you feel....

Verse One: MJG

I'll be obliged
if you step outside
because my ride is awaitin
our date an
of steak an
a night cap
we matin
by smells of perfume that I inhale
and then tell how well we raise hell on the dizzell
satin sheets
heat from your feet keep me warm
The mood is perfected by sounds from the storm
You came stronger
I lasted longer
Than I've ever lasted
your mouth was fantastic
the fuck test
you passed it
the way you made a nigga laugh
I had to getcha
and when I saw that ass pass
I had to hit cha
ya makin me fight against my will
What must I do?
[Would ya kill for me?]
Ya if my life in danger too
[Even steal for me?]
Ya if that shit belongs to you
[Then feel for me?]
Ya if the way you act is true
Who knows
fine clothes
Lexus doors you'll be closin
when you become one of the chosen
hoes in different places
different faces
different cases
got me tied like shoe laces
no mistake this MJG
you ain't gotta be
constantly tryin to shoot that P
claimin that you ain't heard of me
keepin it real
let me know how you feel when we communicate
We'll be straight
if you express your mind
instead of referring away
some who can't do it
lose women
but nigga like me used to it
Space Age Pimpin'


New day, new age
Every once in awhile this is how we slang our game
New day, new age
Nothin is too strong
New day, new age
when settin it out is all we straight to do
New day, new age
Just me and you, just me and you

Verse Two: Eightball

You and I, me and you
situation gettin sticky
your mouth is sayin no
but your body's sayin stick me
lick me
don't be afraid of what your friends say
rappers get dat ass
then be outta here like yesterday
but not tonight
you look so tight
it feels so right
this indo got me pervin
let's go hop in my Suburban
and ride til we get to where you want to be
no matter how far
just call me Oball baby
to me your the superstar
ask me time and time again why did I choose you
Do I wanna be your man or just misuse you
I hear your partners dissin'
when they think I ain't listenin'
them hoes just be wishin
they could be in yo position
wit me in luxury
I got to be everyday
chief in hey would somethin stout wearin lingerie
Let's hit the hotel
get a suite
an order somethin to eat
tell me things about you
I'll tell you things about me
then out the blue I'll be carressin you
undressin you
You start doin all shit you said you'd never do
lustin bustin all out of my boxer drawers
fingers dripping slippin in an out in an out
constantly tellin me the things you don't do
Yet you do it like a pro and think I don't know
but I do that's why I'm here wit you and you know this
slip on the latex
and dive in



please come back to me baby don't ya leave...
[shhhh... don't do that]
you know I want cha, you know I gotta have you...
[Ya, I know but I got to go]
I want cha please come back to me...
[Damn, you makin it hard for a nigga to leave, don't do that]
Don't cha leave, don't cha leave, don't cha leave
[I got to go, I got to get up an go]
I want you, I want you
[I think I want this baby]