Eightball & MJG F/ Thorough, Gillie Da Kid, Toni Hickman, Big Duke Lyrics

Armed Robbery Lyrics

Yeah i'ma be real wit you motherfuckas
It done been once and it can be done again
Your family now, welcome to the Suave house

Well I was broke down and out sitting at the house
Two blunts see wit the third blunt hanging out my mouth
Thinking bout how these no clout niggas feel they got cash
And guess a nigga want smooth
Get they ass, but pass me the mass and the mag (uh huh)
If I don't act bad like P jab you niggas should be glad
He had plush pads from coast to coast
Happy capping ass nigga who love to boast
So I post at the strip club, the trick site
Cause I know that's where he spend most of his nights
I'm right outside, when this fool gonna leave the spot
4:30 in da morning we headed out the parking lot
Trailed him up the block made a left at the stop sign
Lame ass nigga rolling solo in a 9-9
At the red light I pulls up on the right
Put two up in his heart he's another armed robbery

[Gillie Da Kid]
Let's get this money run in the crib cock your hammer
Nigga move then you pop your hammer
Shit is real, you react you get killed
Playboy this the deal
I want the dough, the bricks the keys to your whips
A nigga act fly you pop him in his thigh
Let him know that he can die nigga eye for eye
Where the stash nigga, Where your cash nigga
Suave house cut you from neck to ass nigga
Pulling out your heat but you scared to blast nigga
Fucking around wit me you be under grass nigga
Family, friends a thing of the past nigga
Defintely ain't the first and won't be the last nigga
Grab the bag put the duffle over the shoulder
Ran down the steps hopped into the rover
Hi speed chase fuck it take the shoulder
Suave house real niggas aint pulling over

[Toni Hickman]
I met this nigga in the streets talking plenty lip (lip)
Saying niggas who rap wit da Suave house they ain't shit (shit)
Never knew that was my fam, god damn he never knew
So I played the game strutting my ass had his brain blew (yo)
Never knew he was fucking wit a bitch from the streets (yo)
Never knew cause the thoughts of pussy had his brain weak (uh huh)
Never knew when he stopped for some rubbers at the store
Never knew bo was coming out busting the fo fo (pow)
Shot him three times in the chest
Let him stinking in the lex
Took his jewerly, took his money, took his car , took his neck
I spit in his face you gets nothing wit me (nothing)
Somebody should have told you about fucking wit me
Lil daddy you thought you was getting some pussy quick huh
You just got fucked by the Suave house bitch
Lil daddy you thought you was getting some pussy quick huh
You just got fucked by the Suave house bitch (bitch)

[Big Duke]
Now I've be peeping at this motherfucka nigga for two weeks
He got two rocks and two keys, I got two glocks and two sheets
I'ma try my best to catch this nigga ass when he sleep
It's just me, bo in here smoking keel in the jeep
We just seen him in the club popping cris with some scrubs
Copped two bricks today from cous so we gonna have to git up
So I kicked the door in he had a hoe in fuck position
Must be knowing about me cause wasn't no type resistence
Told the bitch to shut the fuck up
Handcuffed her, boy must have wanted to fuck her cause he pulled out a rubber
I said no time for that smacked her wit the gat now we back on track
Git the G stack keep pack be quick or be splat
Start acting like retarded I'ma show you just how we act
Gonna do him just like TP just to make sure he don't be back
Cause these niggas from the galloroe known for leaving lame hoes
Riding deep in cruiseing boats flipping foes and pimping hoes

[Tony Draper]
Once again a succes
Smooth armed robbery
Thorough the first tenat, Gillie Da Kid, Toni Hickman aka Slim goody
Big Duke the georgia kingpin,
Suave House federation growing stronger and stronger baby
Now what ya'll know about that