Eightball & MJG Lyrics

Niggaz Like Us Lyrics

Rollin' down Park Avenue bumpin' maze
My Caddy with them switches, got them bitches in a daze
Niggaz on the gank, smokin' dank, goin' nuts
And all I see is dope and dead niggaz bloody guts
Sometimes I go and click and smack my bitch up with the gat
Or blow up niggaz cars, cause I heard they call me fat
No I'm not a wimp, cause the pimp is in my nature
I got too many hoes bein' away, but ain't my flavor
I'ma dope seller, stick 'em up, killer or whatever
Game from slangin' birds, 211 or 187
Smack up my bitches on the street that owe me ends
Learn from the start, in the game ain't no friends
Just a lot of bitches with they hands out

Whatsup with that?

Smilin' in my fuckin' face, stabbin' me in my fuckin' back
All up in my business, whatsup with my grip bitch?
Steppin' up, one nigga died with a mouth full of pimp shit

Whatsup with the bitches aye? Whatsup with the bitches aye?

Fuck me, suck me, jack me, 'til my diggidy-dick ejaculate

Whatsup with niggaz aye? Whatsup with the niggaz aye?

Tell 'em not to fuck with some niggaz like us!

Hook: (4x)

I'm reachin' for the pump and the loaded automatic
It's 6/5 bombs from the box in the attic
A phone call from Eightball let me know the scope
T-Money and J.B. had to scope a young hoe
Not a true bitch, but a true bitch nigga
We rollin' thick as hell so how the fuck that nigga figure?
His gun nor his gang is gonna be a threat to us
With 1 fire bomb, 1 got him at the dusk
And the nigga down with me said:(Damn G you been having gank?)
And at that very moment, he was askin' me to shank it
A nigga ain't suppose to smoke a trick and get sad
And thats the first example of a killer goin' bad
I gotta take him out, if he live he'll confess
So Eightball you ready?(Yeah)
Shoot him in the chest *1 Shot*(I got him)
One mo' motherfucker dead over bullshit
Guess he didn't really know the niggaz he was runnin' with
M.J.G., Eightball and Killa-B
Lil' Han and J-Smooth, T-Money and J.B.
Lettin' these imitation motherfuckers know
Niggaz like us don't be headin' to the flo'..HOE!

Hook: (4x)

Suckers can't get none

Suckers can't get none

G. pass me my clip so I can load my lil' uzi gun

Eightball you got me covered main?

Yeah I got yo back main

Let these