Eightball & MJG Lyrics

Pimps Lyrics

Ah yea
Eightball & MJG in the muthafuckin house
We came here today to talk to about this thing
called pimpin
It has been misunderstood over the years
so now we have come to set the record straight
niggas don't do this shit right
it takes a special kind of nigga
you know what I'm sayin

It takes a nigga dat hard from the start
you gotta have heart
to meet a bitch, mack hard down, then rip her apart
it's all in the game, a nigga can't change
if you don't break a bitch
then your game is lame man
see I'm from Tennesee
wit curls and gold teeth
so every were I go, bitchs strike up conversations wit me
about the way I talk, about the way I dress, about
how my gold teeth look so fresh
see how I bait a man, seen as a nigga speak
that deep voice just make a bitch knees weak
I'm in my cadallic, chillin like a fatmack
smoking on a fat sac, drinkin' on a pint of yac
I pick up my car phone, call the freak beat
It's my nigga baby mama, but sometimes I creap
that's just the way it is, niggas have to take a chance
when you ain't around, anybody could be in dat ass
But I just a young nigga, trying to make a dolla
and they way I live, to some it's hard to swalla
see livin' down south ain't what you think it be
nine times out of ten niggas like me

Ya that's right
we trying to teach all these lames, you know
how to do this shit
cause it's really a hard job
but them lame niggas
they make me get so high


I just can't seem to get my feet on the ground
I get so high
and I just can't seem to get my feet on the ground


Now let me explain a pimp
a nigga about the m-o-n-e-y
see a hoe, break a hoe
and try to influence the bitch, to a trick the nigga who
persuaded her to sell ass like hoes suppose too
now how in the fuck do you think a pimp is slippin
surrounded by all these hoes
that's going and givin me money
it's funny how a hoe can make you think she wit ya
when all the time
she's just another niggas gold digger
MJG got a bitch for a rich trick
take care of your business
bring me the money, ya this shit is thick
hoe don't violate, bitch I know I taught you better
take all of cash, grab on his ass
write dat trick a love letter
train your woman to break a man
man meeting another nigga
just some shit in the game, same-o-same
to make you pimpin thicker
slicker the pimpin gets, freaker gets the bitch
MJG is rich, I'm coe-coe for this tricks
I pimp

Ya that's right baby
I pimp
so uh, what you need to do is sat dat ass there
and uh, right about now, I bout to fire up one of these spliffs
and get so high

(Chorus) 2x


Part 2
It's all the same G
trying to school fools, on this P-I-M-P
lession one
first you should pull a bitch, fuck her good
next time tell her no, the next time take her dough
oh, you better watch your back to man
cause there's alot of bitchs in the world wit much game
lession two
watch dat hoe, don't trust her wit none of yo dough
never let a bitch know, how you much yo cash flow
lession three
if you don't tell dat hoe who is boss
bitchs like to run shit
but end up getting smacked in the mouth
see a real nigga believe in beatin them hoes down
push they head into the wall until you hear dat crackin sound
drown in the tub, rub-a-dub-dub
some niggas get pussy whipped and fall into them love bugs
buying hoes this, buying hoes that
then bragging to your friends
how you fucked her from back
never how you took they cash, never how you beat they ass
never how you pull hoes, fuck them, then dropping fast
I don't understand your plan at all man
but you should be around niggas like me

Ya man
this niggas is a trip, you know what I'm sayin
but niggas like me, I have to smoke them spliffs
to get my mind off dat shit, and when I smoke um'
I get so high

(Chorus) 2x

Wherever there's a hoe
there's bound to be a pimp
the pimp supplys his bitchs wit some tricks
dat they can tempt
a sucker will spend his money, till he ain't got nothin left
instead of blamming the bitch, he needs to blame it on himself
it wouldn't be hoe, if it wasn't for the tricks
but I suggest we keep em', so a pimp can keep his bitch
It needs to be understand, there wouldn't be one without the other
so why the fuck these folks keep trying to sweat a muthafucka
jealous suckers just mad!!!
they can't hang with the pimp thang, looking to sprinkle some salt
in a pimps game
how in the fuck do you figure pimpin is dead when nigga you know it's alive
pimpin is misunderstood by those who can't, that's why they said it died
others tried pimpin, but were only makin chump change
one track minded niggas never run a Amtrain
rearrange shit dat they done seen in a movie script
dam ain't dat a bitch, niggas like me

MJ fuckin G, P-I-M-P
staying down on this pimpin bout' these hoes
but some niggas fuck shit up for real niggas
and dat shit just makes me get so high

(Chorus) 5x