Buckcherry Lyrics

Get Back Lyrics

I was down on my luck too scare
to leave my place
Saw you out my window
and thought this girl is hot
Baby I could tell that your in tune
with yourself on the Boulevard

Double up on my groovin to give
you what I got
And when we got out groove on
it's the best on the spot
We could paint the town
and feel the rhythm of love
taping in the streets

Get back to what it is that drives you
You just can't fight off the men
and now you wanna
Tell me there's so much left
for you out there
When I'm in love with you

Can we make in the ocean
and get wet with ourselves
Listen to the movement and dance
on the dock
I'm crazy for you baby and
that look on your face it's killing me


Baby's got the movement and it's always hot
Sitting in the pocket feeling it rock
Won't you stay with me, feel the love
mama play with me
Fellas on the move looking for fox
Generate the groove making it walk
Come on sway with me, feel the love
every time you move I'm alive