House Of Pain Lyrics

House Of Pain Anthem Lyrics

Wood pecken pecker wood take me out you never could
Act up in my nieghborhood better not my name is good
the house of pain is not a gang just a funky Irish name
A celtic savage with bacon and cabage and cornbedbeef on the side
Irish prides what i gotta gotta lot so don't despute it
constantly I zooted if you gotta gun then shoot
Pick any beat I'll rocket I'm always in the pocket
you try to L.A. grab my gat and you see me cock it
next I pull the trigger
I don't care care if your bigger
you try to con your self your bullet proof but how you figure
the caps that I be popping they'll have your bodydroping
you thought you knew the deal but know you feel your heartbeat stopping
I'm mopping up the comp.
thats short for compition
I work my lyrics like the Irish mob in hells Kitchen

the house of pain is in effect Ya'll
I said the house of Pain is in eFFECT
THE house of pain is in effect yall
And any one that steps up is getting wrecked

I'm a beer drinking fighter the ?bike and? Easy rider
I only role my spliff's with the extra easy wider's
papers the vapers is what ya'll all be catching
meanwhile I'll be snatching up you hoe's and all your dough
the styles that I be Kicking you know there finger licking
good to perckerwood never could play the victum
only the offender go out on a bender
Drink a case of brew then descrace a crew
but only if It's micky's I never wear no dickies
Only wear the levis my hole family cries