House Of Pain Lyrics

On Point Lyrics

I'm sick, domented, I came to represent it
I rose from the grave, I had a close shave
The cops tried to lock me down
Cause the glock they found was stolen, that's how I'm rollin
Calvin Klein's no friend of mine, so I don't like Marky or the monarchy
Don't start me up like a rollin stone
I'll leave ya soakin like Mukaly Caulkin in Home Alone
So get a grip like Steven Tyler
I use to trip with the Divine Styler
Back in the days there were Irish Ways, and Irish laws to stand up for the cause

(chorus4x)When it's time to rock a funky joint
I'm on point
When it's time to rock a funky jam
I'm the man

Well it's the D to the A double N-Y-B O,
Why cause I rock shit like ronnie Dio
It's a black day of rest quick run get your vest
I'm down with the hill cause I still got the skill
To turn the party out, it's all about the skyscraper
Your girl caught the vapor so I might video tape her
I make a lot of paper so i don't have to scrape
the bottom of the barrel, I rock fly apparel
I can pull your car startin up the Harley Davidson
I got the gun, so the drama you can save
WELL it's the mad bum rushin, funky repurcussion
from LA to Flushen, I get your girly blushin
Cut ya like the butcher, (but it ain't Joe the
And I'll rock the loop cause I'm super like Shneider


I'm ill, retarted, so don't get me started
I might lose my cool, you lose if I do
Cause I can start a hole in the soul of a punk
With the rhymes in my head and the beats in my trunk
I got the skill kid and I'm gonna milk it
For all it's worth I'm gettin