House Of Pain Lyrics

Work Is Bond Lyrics

I break it off like a Kit Kat
Cause ya can't get that worthwile style
Underground sound
So your frontin tryin to fake it
Complain you never make it
And pretty soon your broke and butt naked
So your ass starts to rob and steal
Mad jealous cause my shits got mass appeal
And now I'm rhymin with Diamond-D
with some brand new shit for the year of 93
I got a loop on my crate and I'm dunkin
The way I rhyme on the break gets all the brothers buggin
You know I got the funky sound
Your still up in the air cause last year I said Jump Around
I'm rollin thick so I know you see me
I got mad little white kids wishin they could be me
So don't step up cause I'm a' come out blastin
Your just a quickie
Punk I'm Everlastin

(chorus, no idea what they say)4x

Now let me hear my man

Yo it's Diamond D the psychotic, norotic
Pizza idiotic smoke the boone that's exodic
With my man Everlastin brothers be askin me for the fee
Kid my name ain't Shabastian
Givin my moms demo tapes
Foamin out the mouth, dreamin of makin papes
I know your thirsty
Lord have mercy
I got 10 acts and you want to be the first G
C'mon dad and let me breathe
Don't be the lickball on my sleeve
Wanna be down with Diggin in the crates
Have dough in your pocket and sleep way past eight
I know the feelin
you want to be the one wheelin and dealin
But your shit ain't appealen
so make haste, I'll stick it to you like paste
Don't sleep I got the nine on my wast


Lick shot uh(8x)
I lick shot for the Soul Asassins
I lick shot for the Diamond D
I lick shot for the Everlastin
And lick shot for the D.I.T.C.(Diggin In The Crates)

Yo I'm well respected, my neck's protected
So don't get started, just disregard it
Cause I'm retarted and I act real stupid
when I see a bootlegger take my record and doop it
Scoop it like a news reporter
I'm causin disorder
Cause I'm sorta
Sick a losin money when I worked so hard
So if i catch ya bootleggin I'm a' pull your card