House Of Pain Lyrics

What's That Smell Lyrics

This is for all you dirty bitches out there
Suck up on this motherfuckin Nuts
I said stop, now what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
I'm everlastin, forever on a roll
I'm rockin to the ???, ????, ????
I ain't sayin I'm god, but you can graph this
Chances are if I was a star I'd be Johnny Mathias
On some smooth shit, I'd be gamen all the honeys
Hittin Hugh Hevner with this Playboy bunny
Check the sunday funnys, I be readin Doonsbury
See me after dark, love, shit be gettin scary
I'll freak you like Carrie on the night of the Prom
I'll play it cool and calm and start strokin your palm
Work my way up your arm, start kissin your ear
Lickin your lips, then pullin your hair
I'll freak the back spazm, then give the orgasm
And if my legs cramp then I'll lick that steam
I got ??????, so you ain't got no worrys
Hold up, my visions gettin blury

(chorus)I say stop, hey, what's that smell, someone laced dust
up in my L, bitches start sweatin once the pot gets swelled
Let's take you back fourteen billion cells

Pitiodic measures to say my ryhmes, too much of this dope negro
type slow, of a poet's tree, let me blow my leaves
shake off my roots and pull up my sleeves
Break a branch then twist it, lyrics with a mystic coupe
Yo fences shake your chassis, my transistem is throwin MCs
I hymns em' then I'm casually, I smoke seeds
Relativetys, season I be, I'm every versabilitys of chaos
A higher from of infinity gettin mean virtually
supreme ID, reflect the ????? i which my fast a phrase words
super max, break raps, and ???????????????(this is a hard fucking verse)
Revolve since then, it's still cease time still
I went from real bill divine spirical chill