House Of Pain Lyrics

One For The Road Lyrics

One for the road
Check it out
Everybody in the house, check it out
The House of Pain is in full effect

Call me the corn fed, peckerwood, redneck cracker
White bread, shit kickin' Irish beat jacker
Comin' with the style of a Celtic rebel
Those who ain't on my level call me the blue eyed devil
But that's just because they don't know what I know
And that's just because they can't flow like I flow
I rip shit
Dip shit
So what you gotta say
Why you wanna play
I **** you up with no delay
And knock your mofo. fronts out
Smoke my Philly blunts out
My buddha never runs out
I turn the little stunts out
And I got the hookers callin' me pops
Once their cherry pops
Everlast gets all the props
I'm hittin' skins from here to Copenhagen
I bed the wenches
'Cause you know I'm a pagan
The House of Pain
That's the name of my crew
You don't like it, tough luck
What the **** you gonna do
Nothin', you ain't sayin' nothin'
You need to start puffin' and relax
Or you'll wind up gettin' taxed
For your money, for your jewels, for your car, for your ho
My crew, they start trippin' while I'm rippin' up the show


Mickey Mouse, you know he's in the house
I said Mickey Mouse, you know he's in the house

One for the road
This is one for the road
For my man Matt Champy
This is one for the road
Tura lura lura, tura lura li
Tura lura lura, that's an Irish lullaby
No need to act fly
You'll be sayin' nighty-night
The place you're in is right
If you're lookin' for a fight
Step up, your blood, I spill it
Put on the beat I kill it
I'll burn ya like some bacon that's been fryin' in my skillet
Move over Sizzalean
My favorite color's green
But I'll beat ya black and blue
'Cause I'm always with my crew