House Of Pain Lyrics

Heart Full Of Sorrow Lyrics

If I was to sit down and actually write out a list
Of the MC's that missed, it would be the constitution
They play their caps backwards, still sayin' whack words
No power to durhurst, just a few yes men
Raisin' the question, of who gave you a contract
They should be fired, you're officially retired

I see you make a little cash and start showin' your ass
You get laced up with jewels, your crew's actin' like fools
Playin' hard rocks, surrounded by bodyguards
Hopin' no one pulls your cord, you got me laughin' pretty hard
Thinkin' you the white hot man of the hour
But you just can't figure how your flavor went sour
Back in '89 P.E. fought the power
And in '86 Big Daddy Kane was raw

And I was right there on the first floor of the palladium
You never played a venue, local college, or a stadium
A young boy's fiddin' pad fad is now a grown man's profession
To earn this is a blessin'
Your skills should have me guessin', learn 'cause I'm testin'
Follow this down, no question

No doubt, check it out
You be either rhymin' in code or on some gangsta node
You all clockwork apocalypse you about to implode
Collapsin' on yourself, 'cause your whole foundation is
Built on lies, don't apologise
'Cause once they watch you rise, they wanna watch you fall
And they'll all take a piece just like the Berlin Wall
And place it on their mantle like a souvenir
And what they call a knick-knack is really your career

You ain't promised nothin' but a pocket full of stress
[Still there be people that would die for less]
You ain't promised nothin' but a heart full of sorrow
[If they don't like the demo make a new one tomorrow]

When the time arrives, I'll open the archives
When you be in dreams you got 8's and 5's
Chrome down with the leather package
You got a home of your own
You're holdin' acres
[I got it made]
Season tickets to the Knicks and the Lakers
Playing both coasts closed and European festivals
Crowd scream decibels
Crowd scream decibels
In your ear
You wanna make rappin' your career

From Arkansas to Minnesota, I sell out the quota
I be the wet dream, makin' cream for promoters
We keep the shit right, we don't be startin' no fights
And he won't hold out my dough, 'cause I'm a put out his lights
And once the crew hits the stage, the crowd gets involved
We show love, they show it back, all problems solved
You can boom shalock and jump to the sounds I pump
But I ain't quittin' till I'm shittin' on Donald Trump

So take heed to the verses and styles and versions
When you socialize with other MC's
And boast your rhymes to company enemies
And in any cases that feel is what you want
You want to make money money and take every honey
Rap charges ain’t funny but it boost your career
Your penile style is now hanging from a tier
Now you wanna know fear to impress your peers
Now your ass outta here the rap game goes on