Project Pat Lyrics

Aggravated Robbery Lyrics

Stick 'em up, Stick 'em up (8X)
Raise 'em up, Raise 'em up

[Project Pat]
I'm Psycho- pathic, behind the trig-ga
I need it so, I had to rob ya
But ???? still cause ya account what to me
I grab the pop ya, before ya do me
Ya high cap-pin friend, flex-in in my hood
I'm out here star-vin, you live-in real good
As long as I got, a toll I stay paid
You keep sell-in dope, there's cheese to be made
Pull up on the track, niggas start to bell-in
I pulled out my gat, that's my dope y'all sell-in
So check yo ????? boy, break yo self a ????
You got 10 dollars, that's more than I have.
Could be ???? thang, bet-ter bag not ????
Even you roll fools, go get me some-thang
Don't get your-self hurt, slaught-ered like a hog
I'm out on these streets, crawl-in like a dog

Stick 'em up, Stick 'em up
(repeat 8X)
Raise 'em up, Raise 'em up

Open seas-ame, the safe in the floor
What I told the clerk, at the cor-ner store
A mask on my face, for cam-ras to see
A glock to his dome, bitch don't play with me
Ya don't know the code, his eyes I see fear
Cause it's bout to get ugly up in here
The boy blew my high, the gun blew his ass
Right off with his ????, ???? in the bag
Ball-in off the lot, no cheese mad as fuck
Half-way down the street, some hoes from the club
Pulled up at the light, in benzo with rims
Now im act-in like, im high ???? ????
[Project Pat] Wussup with y'all? What y'all doin out this late
Girls: Shit! Just leaving the club. What's the business
[Project Pat] Let me get y'all number. And them rings, and that purse
All that mother-fucking shit around yo neck!! Bitch!! Let me get this shit
Drop it all!!! Shut up bitch!!! Shut up bitch

Stick 'em up, Stick 'em up
(repeat 4X)
Raise 'em up, Raise 'em up

Robbers we hang, in hoods where they clean
Jack-in any-one, from creature to fiend
Addicted to this, just like it was crack
You sniff in the stream, my ???? to your back
I'm out on the lake, while you on a date
Your bitch looking good, you clean so I hate
You take-in your time, to wine and to dine
But times on my side, so I'm goin goin hide
In bushes your house, pull up we jump out
With mask-is and gun, then duct tape your mouth
The girl you was with, gave us the info
That you was a head big nig-ga with doe
A kidnap can turn into a murd-er
Now where is the stash, ???? I will serve-ya
We take-in the loot, never think-in twice
Either it's the cheese, or either your life

Stick 'em up, Stick 'em up
(repeat 8X)
Raise 'em up, Raise 'em up