Nicky Marotta & Pamela Pearl(The Sleez Sisters) Lyrics

Your Daughter Is One Lyrics

Miss Rosie Washington,
I'm sticking pins into your brain.
I'm manslaughtering you with voodoo.
Can you hear the jones?
Can you feel the pain yet, faggot social worker?

And Mr. Pearl.
I hate you with every rotten tooth in my head.
Black-eyes to YOU, Fucking Nazi.

(1st Chorus):
Stick Pins, into you,
Sleez Sister Voodoo.

Yes, father dear.
You wanna make Times Square as cold as your icy eye?
Why do you wanna punish people who aren't like you?
Y'know that at home I've heard you use the following words:
"Spic," "nigger," "faggot," and "psycho."
Well, I want you to know that your daughter IS one.

(2nd Chorus):
Spic. Nigger. Faggot. Bum.
Your Daughter Is One.

Dr. Zymansky, you cold-fart holy man.
You don't know anything about what makes me tick.
All you know about is sucking up to important people.
Right, fat buns?

Oh, and Dr. Huber,
How can I forget about you, ya con artist.
Who d'you think you're fooling with that shit-eating smile of yours?
You're bedside manner makes me whoof my cookies.
(pretending to regurgitate)
Gimme a barf-bag(laughs).

(2nd Chorus).

Assholes, you're time has come.
'Cuz' I'm a time-bomb, and I'm gonna explode all over you people.

(2nd Chorus).

The Sleez Sisters dedicate this to Brian Jones,
and all the other dinosaurs who got kicked out of the band.