Good Charlotte Lyrics

East Coast Anthem Lyrics

Walkin on the streets of DC, on the East Coast where I live
You say what's the problem, what's with this angry kid?
You don't like the way I walk, or the way I talk, or the way I swing my hands
You don't like the words I speak or the thoughts I think
And I know you'll never understand
You know-on the East Coast we ride until we die
You know, oh oh oh
Well there's a place inside my mind, yeah a place you'll never find
There's a place inside my mind we'll leave today
You know
Wouldn't it be perfect, if I could sit with you?
And we would change a thing or two, we'd change a thing or two
We would change the way you think, we would change the way I think
We can't change the way they think so we're not changin anything
On the East Coast we ride, until the day we die