Nikka Costa Lyrics

Stay Daddy Stay Lyrics

Six in the morning

I hear you go

You've got a plane to catch

You told me so

Flying to new york

Then on to rome

Sometimes it seems as if

The world's your home

Well, I understand

You're a busy man

But, listen while I sing these words


Stay, daddy stay

Please stay, daddy, stay

I won't let you leave today

So stay, please daddy stay

Once day I'm certain

You'll take me along

To hear you play guitar

And sing your songs

Until that moment

I must be good

And try to be patient

Gee, I whish I could

Before you try say goodbye

Listen while I sing these words

(repeat chorus)

Stay, daddy, stay

Please stay, daddy stay

I won't let you leave today, no way

So stay, please daddy, stay

Daddy - stay