Dave & Sugar Lyrics

Queen Of The Silver Dollar Lyrics

She arrives in all her splendor each night at nine o’clock
Her chariot is the crosstown bus that stops right down the block
Now the old piano minstrel plays her tune as she walks in
And the Queen of the Silver Dollar’s home again

Chorus: She’s the Queen of the Silver Dollar
She rules this smokey kingdom
Scepter is a wine glass and a bar stool is her throne
Now the jesters flock around her tryin’ to win her
To see which one will take the
Queen of the Silver Dollar home

Now her royal dress is satin it’s shabby and it’s torn
Her royal jewels are rhinestones her shoes are scuffed and worn
Of the many roads she’s been down, and the places that she’s seen
Well, they all look at her and say God save the queen


Now the Queen of the Silver Dollar is not as haughty as she seems
She was once an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams
But there’s a man who found her and he brought her to this world
He’s the one who made a queen of a simple country girl