Sesame Street Lyrics

Behind Your Face Lyrics

Boy: I think I'm lost.

(He comes to a house with a face. It flashes a bunch of colors for a moment and makes a strange sound.)

Boy: I'm lost, I know it. I'm really lost.

(He passes more stuff, including a fountain with bird heads that spew water and tilt up, then down.)

Boy: I don't like it here. I must really be lost good. (A mysterious man with a yo-yo suddenly appears in front of him.) Wow!

Yo-Yo Man: How'd you get here?

Boy (turning his head away from the man to think): Well, let's see. First I passed the street clock, then I passed the plastic house, then I passed the animal fountain ... (Man takes on each form as the boy names it, but the boy doesn't see. Then he changes back to his original shape, and the boy turns back to him.)

Boy: ... and then you came along. Can you help me get unlost?

Yo-Yo Man: Well, you should figure it out for yourself, little guy, but I'll give you a hint.

Boy: Oh, thank you!

Yo-Yo Man: Try to remember everything you passed. But when you go back, make the first thing the last. Ha ha! (The background sucks him up, yo-yo last.)

Boy: Wow!

Yo-Yo Man's Voice: Yeah!

Boy: Try to remember everything I passed. But when I go back, make the first thing the last. I get it! I just go back past all those weird things again until I'm home. That's it! (Begins pedaling in the opposite direction, passing the things he saw and some others besides. Among them is a hippo in a dress and bonnet, sitting on the ground and holding a flower. As the boy rides, a voice sings these words.)

Voice: Behind your face There is a place That's called your brains or your mind. If you could sneak a peek inside, Oh, what wonderful things you'd find!

(Boy comes to a building, parks his bike next to it, and goes through door.)

Boy: Hi, Mom! Boy, was I lost! (Door closes.)