Sesame Street Lyrics

Bert's Love Song Lyrics

Look at them
And look at us
One is Francine
One is Gus
Lots of people
Think they're boring
But we don't
Not us

He is gray
And so is she
You like pigeons
Just like me
Lots of people
Think we're silly
But I don't
Not me

We go for the same kind
Of music
Any old rousing march
Will do

We both like the same
Kind of oatmeal
It's no good without
A lump or two

Watch them soar
Up to the sky
They are flying
So am I

Lots of people
Just don't understand
But you do
And so

You like oatmeal
I do too
You like paperclips
Me too!
You play checkers
I do too
You like me
And I