Sesame Street Lyrics

Cerrado Lyrics

Neurotic Man frantically looks around his kitchen, there's a knock on the door, he goes to open it. (but, if he could open the door, why couldn't he...? Oh, nevermind)

Maria: Hi.

Neurotic Man: Hi!

Maria: I'm Maria from the Fix-It Shop, you called me?

Neurotic Man: Yeah, come in, quick, I've got a real emergency here!

Maria: What's the problem?

Neurotic Man: What's the problem? What's the problem? I'll tell you what the problem is...

Can't get in the dresser to get my socks, 'cause it's cerrado (cerrado)
Can't wear my shoes, 'cause they're in that box and it's cerrado (cerrado)
Can't get my shirt, it's in that drawer
Can't get my pants, they're behind that door,
Can't get any new ones from the clothing store, 'cause it's cerrado (cerrado)

Ohh...aargh...can't reach in the cage to pet my bunny, it's cerrado (cerrado)
Can't go to the bank to get my money, it's cerrado (cerrado)
Can't get into this case to get my guitar
Can't get into the cupboard for a candy bar
Can't get chili peppers from the pepper jar, 'cause it's cerrado (cerrado)
It's horrible!
Cerrado is much much worse than I supposed

Maria: "Cerrado" is the Spanish word for "closed")

Can't get into that sack to get a potato, it's cerrado (cerrado)
Can't get into the fridge to get a tomato, it's cerrado (cerrado)
Can't get into the oven to get my roast
Can't get bread from the breadbox to make my toast
Yes the Spanish word that I hate the most is cerrado (cerrado)
Cerrado (cerrado) I hate cerrado! (cerrado)
Cerrado (cerrado) Cerrado!

My life's a mess! I can't do anything. Everything is cerrado!

Maria: Yes, I see that. Everything is closed.

Neurotic Man: Yes, yes, can you help me please? Can you fix it?

Maria: Well, of course I can, what you need (she opens her tool box and pulls out the word "Abierto") is this...

Neurotic Man: Abierto?

Maria: Yes, certainly. Abierto is the Spanish word for "open". Abierto! (everything he sang about now opens, the roast flys out of the oven etc.)

Neurotic Man: Abierto! Wow!