Sesame Street Lyrics

Cookie Disco Lyrics

He's shaggy, he's blue
And he knows how to chew - COOKIE!

Can you dig it?

You think you can munch,
Brother, you're out to lunch
Compared with - COOKIE!

Did someone say "Lunch?"

You can give him the sun,
You can give him the moon.

But me trade them both in
For just one big macaroon!
Let's hear it! COOKIE!

Yeah for Cookie!

Don't try to outeat him,
There's no way you can beat him

Me the Greatest!
Yah, it really a trip
To watch me chew choc'late chip-
You ready?

We're ready!

Here me go!

(gobbling noises) COOKIE! COOKIE!

If you offered him treasure,
Will he take it?
Darn tootin', but you know me would
Get a lot more pleasure from Fig Newton!
Again! COOKIE!

Yeah! More cookies!
Where cookies?
No more cookies!

Whose appetite is completely out-a-sight? COOKIE's!

Have mercy!

You say you can eat?
The guarantee can't compete

ME so hungry!
What me do?
Oh, me know!
Me eat this record!

(ferocious munching sounds)