Sesame Street Lyrics

Garbage (Live Action) Lyrics

As I remember it, it starts off in a pretty cluttered park, with papers and stuff lying around. There was some type of harpsichord music in the background. Then the janitor comes on with a wastebasket, and also one of those sticks with a nail at the end. Sets the wastebasket down. Looks at the park, picks up a paper with the stick, and tosses the paper in the trash. He comes up and looks at the camera, with a sort of grin on his face, then points his index finger as if to say "Just a second," turns around, picks up some more trash, and tosses that in. He repeats the actions, with looking at the camera and picking up the trash, until he gets all the trash picked up. Then, looking pleased with himself, he takes off, and that part's over.

After they show another skit (insert your favorite letter/number skit here,) they come back to the park, with different harpsichord music. An old man comes up with a newspaper, sits on the edge of the wastebasket, looks at the paper for a few seconds, then balls it up and tosses it on the ground, and walks off. There's a closeup of the paper. Then, the music changes to a faster-pace tune, and the little girl runs up. She sees the paper, there's another closeup of it, then a closeup of her, she sticks out her tongue, you hear someone say "Yeech!" She picks up the paper, tosses it in the trash basket, then runs off. The music ends, and she repeats "Yeech!" And then the skit's over.