Sesame Street Lyrics

Hammer Time Lyrics

Hammer: Hammer time!

Nails: Can't top this!

Hammer: Oh yeah

N: Can't top this!

H: Here with my friends

N: Can't top this!

H: Mr. Saw, Mr. Pliers, Mr. Screwdriver

N: Can't top this!

H: My my my
Name is Hammer and I'm here to say
I'm a tool that hammers night and day
With an awesome swing and chillin' blow
Can drive any nail where I want it to go
Can whack on walls, whack on wood
Knock things together and it makes you feel good
So you better step aside and watch me pound
Watch me hammer all these flat-heads down

N: Go Hammer! (repeats over and over until next verse)

H: Yeah, I'm gonna do my thing
Watch me move
'Cause I'm in full effect

N: Go!!!

H: Call me Hammer 'cause I'm way cool
When Hammer's on the scene I totally rule
Don't twist or pull like a pair of pliers
Don't screw things down like a sweet screwdriver
I'm a hammer, bustin' on any old nail
Gimmie lots of room, watch this home tool wail
You better step aside and watch me bang
You can't top this - It's a Hammer thing!

N: Go Hammer! (repeat over and over)

H: Oh yeah, like I said before
We are in full effect
And you can't top this
Like I said
Yeah, all of those other tools are way cool
But Hammer is the tool that totally rules!
You can't top this!