Sesame Street Lyrics

Naptime Lyrics

Bert: (spoken)
Oh boy. Oh boy. It’s one o’clock.
The little hand’s on the one, and the big hand’s on the twelve.
You know what I say to myself every day at one o’clock?
I say to myself, Bert, it’s one o’clock now - time for one of the most exciting things I do everyday.
It’s time for my nap.

Oh, it’s time for a nap now
Time for resting my head
Yes, it’s time for a nap now
Nice and comfy in bed
Feel my eyes getting drowsy
Time for counting some sheep
It’s such a perfect time to get some sleep

Ernie: Hi there, Bert. Hey, I’ve got a great idea for what we can do now, Bert.

Bert: Please don’t bother me now, Ernie

Ernie: How would you like to play some ball, Bert?
Wouldn’t you like to go outside?
Wouldn’t you like to play a game of hide and seek?
You seek, I’ll hide
(No thanks, Ernie)
Maybe a run around the block, Bert
Really, it’s such a lovely day
And such a perfect time for us to go out and play
Come on, are you ready?

Bert: I’d really rather not

Ernie: Well, why not, Bert?

(They sing their parts overlapping)

You sure you don’t want to come outside?
I’m sleepy
Okay, byebye