Newsboys Lyrics

Always Lyrics

what were you thinking
I got a right to ask
is there a reason
other than your past
a great pretender
why was I the last to see
through your SKIN
is there a chance you'll ever change
it's always the same
you're always to blame
is there any way around this
I can't see
you walked out on her
you planned to be free
I'm trying to point the finger
but it's killing me

what were you thinking
where you thinking of me
did you see what they wrote
on the family tree
I know it's all over
all in the past
I need to forgive you?
if I'm the last-will I ever change


[ vamp ]


take these pieces
thrown away
put them together from
night 'n' day
washed by the sun
dried by the rain
to be my father
in fatherless days