Newsboys Lyrics

Lost The Sky Again Lyrics

Like a crimminal guilty on all counts, rattling his cage with every ounce of resolve he never had, I was convicted.
Then I took the pardon and the walls came down, but I must like it here, 'cause I keep hanging around for a better suit, and an escort, and a winning lottery ticket.
First we waited for miracles. Then we needed a sign. Now we're here to confess we've wasted the time.
Every blade will wither and fade, as the old man dies again. Season pass, we're clinging to grass, 'cause we've lost the sky again.

Like a woman trying to give birth, she strains, she labors, she's not sure if it's worth the suffering, as she wonders, "How long?"
When I first heard the rumor you were coming back I confess my impatience, I guess I lost track of what I'm to persevere for,
of the reason you put me here for. Back then it was any day now. Never dreamed we were wrong. Now we're shaking our heads, wondering, "how long?"

Every blade... I feel a moment of your perfect love. I catch a glimmer of your sweet grace. But it only makes me long for the day when I look full in your face.