Shyne F/ Slimm (112) Lyrics

Get Out Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
This ones for my Brooklyn playboys
This ones for my L.A. playboys
This ones for my Chi-town playboys
ATL, down south
Where you be?
Come on, just play it with me

When it come to hoes, we don't love not one
Fuckin her friend it ain't no option, its a must
??? stop cumming,when we fuck I gotta have two not one
She know a freaky nigga like me
Get her wet then I'm out like strike three
No doubt, make her girlfriend eat her out
After we fuck then the exit lead her out
Believe me, we don't love them hoes
Break out, after we dug them hoes
You wanna stay bitch, what'cha talkin 'bout?
put your shoes on, and start walkin out

Hook: Slimm + Shyne

Get out, I don't wanna hug you
Get out, bitch I don't love you
Get out, what'cha talkin 'bout
put your shoes on and start walkin

You know you hittin, got me lickin the hole
Before I'm stickin the hole i put my face
In the place most niggas don't see love ??? baby
I'm about to O.D. cocaine pussy
One stroke be a whole ki
You're feminine, hood from heaven an'
I'll do anything, orals to S and M
Keep you satisfied, back ?certified?
Come and take a ride, I'll be your great adventure
Tell ya friends I bent'cha, who sent'cha?
Must'a been God, my bedroom angel take aiming
Lovin the curves as you purr while im stroking
Grabbin ya hair, dont'cha dare shed a tear
You a big girl, don't cry
take the pain that I give
Throw it back as I dig
Like a broke matress i have you sprung out
But ain't nothin changed you gots to get out


To all my niggas that know what I mean
When you fuck a bitch good and she don't wanna leave
I go through this all the time
Bitch act like she don't see the exit sign
Start cryin, how much she love Shyne
Thats the same thing she told my man Brian
What the fuck, she think I'm stupid?
Don't know my pimp blood is deeply rooted
Inherited, that be my heritage
That I dont give a fuck about bitch fetishes
So when we fuck and its over
Throw ya pocketbook on ya shoulder
Put your shoes on and hit the road
i think ya last name was split cha roll

Hook x2