HotIce Lyrics

Fire with Fire Lyrics

Gettin a lil hot in here, gettin a lil hot in here

Radiation of your love is gettin me
It's burnin me up, I can barely see
Luvin you's like breathin, Can I stop?
The answer...I think not
I don't wanna spend my time dreamin of you
I can't help it though, what can I do?
Let's get out baby, have a lil fun
Don't think about it I'm the one

Cuz you can't fight Fire with ice
I'm your girl so you better be nice
You can't fight ice, with coal
Your deep inside my soul
Don't you dare call me a liar!
Cuz you gotta fight fire...with fire

(Fire with fire, ice with ice I'm your girl, you better be nice)

I know you know you want me
Hiding it's not easy
So let it out, don't be afraid
All these emotions, can't be saved
Why don't you admit?
Until you do boy I won't quit?
Just tell me what you feel
And we'll start something thats so real


whisper Chorus

Fight Fire with Fire