Billy Crawford Lyrics

Urgently In Love Lyrics

He's urgently in love........

Hey what you doing, what you doing to me
I can have any girl in the world I want, they're all falling at my feet

Uh yeah yeah
But you go and ignore me, every move that I make
When I try to catch your eye, your off on a flight, how much more can I take

He's urgently in love, got to have only her
Won't go with nobody else
He's urgently in love got to have no one but her
No nobody else

Every times I see her
Her rhythm makes me shiver (down my spine)
It's a definite decision
Got to have her got to hold her, gonna make her mine

Hey what you doing, what you doing to me
I can't read a book I can't watch TV, cause your all that I see
Uh yeah yeah
I never wanted to fall in love with you
But to tell you the truth girl all I wanna to do is take care of you
Let's ride my choo choo

++ Chorus ++

He's got to have her, he's got hold her (2x)
What you doing to me now