Leonardo's Bride Lyrics

Hey Hey Lyrics

Hey hey my friend
You're upside down again.
My my your hair's a mess
Now it's anybody's guess.
Funny how life can be a desperation.
You don't have to go for that.
Hey hey my friend,
Whose hands are on the wheel.
Are they taking you for a ride
Or are you just too numb to feel
The knives in your back
The thorn in your side.
You don't have to go for that.
There's a school of thought,
There's a bull in a china shop,
There's a bird in a cage,
There's a penny that wants to drop.
Is this what you want?
Hey hey my friend guess
I'll be seeing you round now.
When it happens again,
When you feel it drag you down,
You don't have to swallow it everytime.
You don't have to go for that.