Mark McGuinn Lyrics

Mrs. Steven Rudy Lyrics

I get up on Sunday about 8:15
just to get the paper that i never read
cause i know she'll be there barely in a robe
sittin' on her front porch paintin' on her toes
her husbsands always on the road

Hey mrs steven rudy you dont know what you do to me,
every night, i dream one day of bein' with you
hey mrs steven rudy, your the neighborhood of beauty
but that wedding rings as ugly as your husband is to you

Aww mrs rudy
sometimes mrs rudy calls cryin' late at night
cause her and mr ugly have had another fight
we talk a while, i hear her smile,then she says thank you
i tell her that she's welcom, like any friend would do
i only wish she knew


im what she deserves
i wonder if she thinks about me the way i think about her