The Darins Lyrics

He Carries Those Who Carry The Cross Lyrics

I have stood beside the wounded saint
Whose faith was strong and sure
And I've questioned why a loving God
Would let the pain endure
Yet in my struggle for assurance
God reminds me once again
That although I feel the burden
The weight belongs to Him

He carries those who carry the cross
His arms reach deeper
Than our deepest needs
He carries those who suffer the loss
When the way of Christ means sacrifice
I will not fear the cost-Heaven knows
He carries those who carry the cross

I've been blessed enough to witness grace
From both sides of the pain
And if I had to do it all again
There's nothing I would change
And so if I don't seem too troubled
When the clouds are closing in
It's because no storm can reach me
That hasn't come through Him


You know that He carried the weight
Of the world upon His shoulders
And I know He can carry you and me