Wide Boy Awake Lyrics

Slang Teacher Lyrics

I said I said I said I say - here's a lesson you don't get
I said I said I said I say - I loop the loop when I get lose
I said I said I said I say - Ignition ignite your night out
I said I said I said I say - all the slang that a boy can use
slang teacher no pain in the mouth
slang teacher no long in the tooth
slang teacher chew it up spit it out
slang teacher chuck your daddy out the room

watch the walk & watch the talk - you don't need no walking stick
watch the way you talk & walk - you don't use no parachute
a bottle & a knife & fork - comes on down so slick & quick
walkie-talkie watch that talk - what's the alphabet he picked

creature's the feature-creature's the feature
he's gonna eat-cha slang teacher slang teacher

gasoline gonna fill you up - gas'll get you out the door
gasoline gonna pump you up - made to pick you off the floor
gasoline gonna blow you up - then you'll never need no more
gasoline gonna chew you up - that's what you chew your million for