Wide Boy Awake Lyrics

Bona Venture Lyrics

I want my good time up forever - maybe that's enough for me
so everytime I take a flivver - I got my return journey
there's a girl she's very ok - always fix me up with food
we make noise in by the yard - & we sell hoochie-koochie too
Bonaventure-I've been everywhere
Bonaventure-it's a wide wide place
born to rule it-maybe you don't care
about where you go or about where you stay

my good friend boy he's a friend - yeh he's a boy & he's a face
& his attitude is that - we can walk 'round any place
we don't get in by the window - we gots tickets & grease pay
& we make our loot a loot a - skankin' right enough from way

I don't run & I don't hide - when I run from you
I don't run & I don't hide - making sure I'm up tonight
never run I never hide - I'm blue blue blue
never run I never hide - I know which way is up tonight

(where do ya think your going my friend I mean now, eh?-everywhere)

will you hush my naughty mouth - & bar my journey out of bounds
take the mince out of my step - & hold my tongue & shoot me down
if that takes my time & money - still don't see how I lose out
looking at my next contender - makes me laugh until I shout