Wide Boy Awake Lyrics

Come Back Friday Lyrics

come friday come friday...
the telephone was ringing & a ringing
but my buddy was not on the line
now Joe is "no, I'll be no" but he's talking white alright
he said I'll be grafitis so I'll go a for tonight
I took off my camouflage when I left town
but no way could I disappear
I've seen it in a movie them all making me a mock
for a long long shock in a cooly cooly way
hey what's the news hey what's the news
oh why the news I could have paid up yesterday
now you go get your monkey coat
I hope you get your pearls
now Steven gets his evens
I done what I done to whirl

now they say there's none today
come back tomorrow
speaking with a face just like a clock
when he's on his run
everybody in the street
clucks a tweety tweety tweet
say what say what come back friday