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Edie (Ciao Baby) Lyrics

Always said you were a Youthquaker, Edie

A stormy little world shaker

Warhol's darling queen, Edie

An angel with a broken wing

The dogs lay at your feet, Edie

We carressed you cheek

Stars wrapped in your hair, Edie

Life without a care

But your not there

Your never there

Caught up in an endless scene

Paradise a shattered dream

Why'd all the shit you took, Edie

Your innocence dripped blood, sweet child

Sweet little sugar talker

Paradise dream stealer

Warhol's Darling queen, Edie

Innocence dripped blood, sweet child

Why did you kiss the world goodbye

Ciao Baby

Don't you know paradise takes time

It takes time, but your not there

Fade away now

But your not there

Ciao Edie