The Partridge Family Lyrics

She'd Rather Have The Rain Lyrics


Can't get her out of my mind, I see her face wherever I go
She didn't say it but I know she doesn't love me
I thought that I was king, she didn't want to play my game
If I had the sun to give her in the morning

She'd rather have the rain
than anything I could give her
I'd give her anything that you care to name
She'd rather have the rain

Today I had to realize that every dream just can't come true
I know there's nothing I can do to make her want me
I could take the sun from heaven, tie it to a silver chain
Bring it so it shines upon her through the morning


When you need somebody, you want to give her everything
But it hurts when she doesn't hear the song that you sing


Rather have the rain, rather have the rain, rather have the rain