Stroke 9 Lyrics

Washin' N Wonderin' (Nasty Little Thoughts Version) Lyrics

This just in...where to begin
Grin and bear it, it's bear and grim
Adoration, titilation, I'm the victim now
Because she's figured me out
She lights my candle, she has a handle on me
It's going well but I'm scared as hell
That she'll figure me out
She thinks it's sacred to be naked
But I don't care, 'cause she's had me there
You see she's figured me out

And I wanna shout at the top of my lungs now
But oh my god, if she hears me she'll come running in...
These are my hands, these are my faults
These are my plans
These are my nasty little thoughs
I wrote 'em down for you to contemplate
at a later date

Well the word is out, what's it all about
Doubtless shady, no shadow of doubt
In moderation, this sensationwould be fabulous
But she's figured me out
She's in my shower for an hour
She's just washin' and wonderin'
And trying to figure me out...

It's a little bit of something that I feel...
Oh man, I just can't deal...
And other than this distance that has covered me
Can't you see that you have smothered me

Well, you're out there, just stay out there
Just when I was on to something else
That's when she figures me out