Guttermouth Lyrics

Can't We All Just Get Along? (At the Dinner Table) Lyrics

Welcome everybody to my table
Don't be shy, man, grab a seat
C'mon, it's time to eat, dig in

Frejoles de T.J., sushi from Japan
Weenies from America
Don't forget canned ham
Monkey brains from India
???? from France
Pizzas from Chicago
Korea, dog, many cat

All we want is, all we need is
All we want is, all we need is
All we want is one more beer
To teach the world
To sing in harmony

Eating can resolve
This racial tension
Get yourself a side of beef
Electric knife, and 50' of cord

Flies from Ethiopia
Sangria de Espana
Crumpets from England
Sand from Iran
Bratwurst von Deutchland
Meatballs from Sweden
Mongolian BBQ
Bacon from Canada, eh...

The next time you're about to shout a racial slur, stop, and think about
all the wonderful dishes that come from his or her country, and channel
your energies into enjoying your next international delight!