Guttermouth Lyrics

Thought Provoking Sonic Device Lyrics

Got a thing or two I want to say
Gonna knock you down if your in my way
Don't want no peace or love and kindness
All I really ever need is...

Silence! I'll tell you when it's time to speak
Riot! hopefully sometime next week
Fire! starting in your own backyard

Don't trust me cause I'll lie to you
Gonna make a point to not come though
My smiling face will stab your back
What I really want to do is...

Violence! beating grandma sure sounds fine
Steal! there counldn't be a better time
Thanks! for everything not nailed down

When I was very young
My folks would always say
Mark go watch TV
I couldn't disobey
I did as they would say
It started to control me
I started to withdraw
I didn't care at all
Filling my face with tater tots
TV made me think
It was ok to drink
And kill, rape, steal, loot, fuck, cheat, lie, destroy!!!!!

Violence a lot of violence

I was raised by the big blue screen
You don't want me on your team
You can't cure me
You cannot make it stop

Thought provoking sonic device