Guttermouth Lyrics

Baker's Dozen Lyrics

oh my god
I'm confused
I wanna go punk
but there's way too many rules
pardon me
Mr. Punker
I'm looking for some insight
on the core that's right for me
tell me please
I'm down on my knees
I like my beer
I like my steer
I don't want any holes in my face
I'm no queer
I bought some docs
Black Flag rocks
mosh and crowd surf
I wanna be unusual, I wanna be punk rock
I wanna be unusual, I wanna be punk rock
should I be emo
and just cry?
maybe I'll go ska core
and skank until I die
how bout hardcore? really hardcore
I fuckin hate that metal shit
sober vegans you all suck!
so what's your core?
stupid whore
you must be a riot girl
you're not very funny
nice tatoo
use some shampoo
rice cakes, soy milk
go Sid Vicious
ska core
snow core
hard core
homo core
alba core
I can't take it anymore
my core
your core
this core
that core
one core
I can't take it!!