Guttermouth Lyrics

Perfect World Lyrics

If I lived in a perfect world
I would spend my days lying in the sun
the party never ends in a perfect world
if your life has hit the skids
wave goodbye to the wife & kids
I'm ready to move in to a perfect world
nacho cheese and anarchy
boy that sure sounds good to me
every kind of drug is free
in the new America
shoot your pistol in the air
celebrate a brand new year
living leisurely in a perfect world
everybody's drinking hams
Good by all you straight edge bands
sit around and get a tan
in the new America
when I turn on my T.V.
nothing but pornography
no more rated "G" in a perfect world
strung out hookers everywhere
have a picnic feed the bears
now nobody even cares
In the new America
Nothing in this worlds for free
cause everything belongs to me
No more green fees in a perfect world