Guttermouth Lyrics

Musical Monkey Lyrics

I've got a fanzine
So I should know
everything bout every band
I turned punk 2 years ago
I tell my subjects
I'm D.I.Y.
I'll your band a sellout
& I'll tell convienient lies
I've got a lot of staples
and to much....
Time to trash a band
They fucking blow
since I wasn't on the list
I didn't make the show oh well
No major labels
They really suck
except for Bad Religion
can't get their sticker of my truck
got my own agenda
I write the rules
I'll use my moms cash
nobody knows
are you calling me a liar
yeah my story has some holes
I'll start a label
rip of the bands
I will liberate the punk scene
Just part of my master plan
If its in my zine
It must be true
Who told you I'm always crying
Just because I'm getting sued
That guys an asshole
That bands on Ludes
I guess my little fanzine
is like the weekly world news